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Replacement Parts Kit


Patio Growers

Replacement Parts Kit

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You’ve already bought one of our self-watering Grow Kits, and you’ve been using it successfully for quite a while. However, even the best quality parts will eventually wear out. If you’re looking to replace some of the pieces in your setup, like plant wicks or landscaping mats, Patio Growers is here to help with our replacement part kits.

Each replacement part kit contains an assortment of “soft items” which may have worn out or been lost throughout your time using our self-watering system. Whether it’s a plant watering tube or top hat grommets, we have a replacement for it! Since various containers may call for a slightly longer wick or more space between pots, this kit also includes bulk cuts of tubing and self-watering wick cord that allows you to customize the system to your individual preferences.

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  • All-in-one refresher kit for long-term part replacement
  • Same high-quality materials as our Grow Kits
  • Customizable components to fit your configuration
  • Comes with both fiberglass plant wicks and vinyl plant watering tubes

System Includes:

  • (8) 5.5” x 5.5” Squares of Cap Mat
  • (8) 5.5” x 5.5” Landscape Fabric
  • (8) 1 ¼” Lengths of ½” Fiberglass Wick
  • (1) 2’ Length of ½” Knitted Fiberglass Wick
  • (1) 9’ of ½” Vinyl Tubing
  • (1) 3’ of ¼” Vinyl Tubing
  • (2) ½” Vinyl End Caps
  • (2) ¼” Top Hat Grommets
  • (2) Silicon Stoppers

Ready to start shopping for extra plant wicks, tubing, mats, and more? Patio Growers is here with all the accessories and add-ons you need! We’re also happy to provide general answers and personalized support for every kind of garden. If you need any additional assistance, please reach out to our team today!