Easy to Use Plant Watering Systems

Our automatic plant watering system offers you solutions to multiple complex problems. Our simple kits are easy to install and low-maintenance enough that you never have to worry about your watering routine. Our watering kits come with a unique water control valve that releases water only when necessary. At the same time, the gravity-fed design eliminates the need for spigots, power, or any other fixture! Choose an attractive design that’s practical and useful when you shop Patio Growers products! 

Watering For All

As you’re exploring our products, you’ll discover that we offer a lot of flexibility with our kits. Opt for four or eight-pot kits depending on the desired size of your container garden. Decide to expand your system down the road? We proudly offer extension kits if you wish to expand your watering system later on. Need replacement parts? We have those, too. From hobby gardeners with a collection of potted plants to beginners with a green thumb that live in the tiniest of apartments, our automatic plant watering system is a helpful solution for all.

Shopping with Patio Growers

Our products are unique because they were developed by people with a passion for plants. We’re constantly getting our hands dirty – testing products in our own dirt! Discover a watering system that really works, and enjoy the perks of shopping with us like free shipping on all orders over $50.