Water Your Plants with Ease

With one of our extension kits, you can add to your patio garden with ease. Whether you just need an elevated frame for a few more pots or you need to replace several of your watering system parts, we have the options you want. Browse extension kits, refresher kits, and frames to address your personal gardening requirements here!

Choose Patio Growers

Patio Growers is all about providing you with more flexibility in your self-watering system. Our products grow with you to ensure expanding your garden is a breeze. Many of our kits include a plethora of parts for the long term that allow you to replace pieces as they wear out – or if you lose them. Kits are generally comprehensive to provide parts you may not even know you need to replace!

If you have any questions about our kits or you need to request a specific replacement part for your self-watering system, we’re here to help. Our friendly customer service team is incredibly knowledgeable about our products and amazingly passionate about plants in general! Review our FAQ for quick answers, and feel free to reach out to us online or by email at Don@patiogrowers.com to get the personalized assistance you want.