Artisian watering system for plants

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Artesian watering systems for your house and balcony

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Simple and easy-to-use


Will not overwater /underwater plants


Product monitors the water level


Gravity-fed design


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Automatic Watering Solution For Your Potted Plants

Are you a plant lover that doesn’t always have time to water your plants? Stop worrying about your thirsty plants drying up while you’re traveling or if you’ve simply forgotten to water! With the automatic watering system from Patio Growers, you’re getting a self-watering grow kit that’s customizable, depending on your needs as a gardener. This system is the perfect choice for people who want a low-maintenance, self-watering system for potted plants. Shop our selection of grow kits, DIY kits, and other accessories today.


Easy to Use

Our artesian kits are different from other automatic watering systems on the market. We’ve made it as simple and easy to use as possible!

Attractive Design

Our watering system won’t overwhelm the look and feel of your garden. With an attractive design, it enhances your porch, patio, or balcony!

Free Shipping

Shopping at Patio Growers has tons of perks, like free shipping on all orders over $50. Shop our collection of Artesian Systems today!

Patio Growers

At Patio Growers, we developed our watering system after years of struggling with other products that just didn’t work. Our drive to use a fully functioning, automatic watering design ensures innovative, thoughtful technology that fulfills your watering needs. Shop with a company that’s so confident in its products that even our founder uses them for his garden! Learn more about the inspiration and development behind Patio Growers here.