Patio Growers is a small company in Northern California with a passion for plants. We’re all about growing plants in containers on patios and balconies, decks, sidewalks, tables, and just about any hard, flat surface.

At Patio Growers, we developed Artesian Growing Systems which is a patented automatic self-watering system that ensures your plants are getting the water they need precisely when they need it. Don Stewart, the founder of Patio Growers, developed this watering system because he wants more of your time to be spent enjoying the beautiful, healthy plants on your patio and less time to be spent tending them.

How Our System Works

At the heart of our Artesian Growing Systems is a unique float valve that shuts the water off at a high-water level and then allows the system to drain before it fills again. The automated watering system is gravity fed and perfectly waters your plants without over or under-watering.

With four and eight-pot configurations, we can accommodate container gardens of any size. And if you’re expanding? No problem! Our add-on kits offer you the flexibility you need to make it happen.

You can learn more about the various systems and installation methods on the individual product pages, as well as our FAQ. We’re also working on keeping our blog up to date with all the best gardening tips and tricks!

Words From Our Founder

“Farming and growing plants have long been interests of mine. With a B.S. degree in Plant Science and my experience farming almonds and walnuts in California’s San Joaquin Valley since the 90s, I’ve had plenty of exposure to thriving gardens and plants. Feel free to drop me a note with any of your comments, questions, or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.”

– Don