All-In-One Kit

Our Grow Kits come with everything you need to completely revamp your outdoor watering configuration. We’ve designed these plant grow kits with the entire health of your patio garden in mind. From water storage and monitoring to elevated pot frames and add-on kits, we have it all! Explore our options and find the perfect Grow Kit for your patio garden today!

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Why Patio Growers? Because we’re gardeners, too! Our passion for plant life has driven us to develop the best automatic watering system for outdoor and indoor potted plants. Browse DIY and pre-fabricated options for gardens that range between four and eight pots. Each kit includes support frames, landscaping mats, fiberglass wicks, vinyl tubing, and so much more to ensure your plants thrive – whether you’re there or not!

When you choose a Patio Growers plant grow kit, you’re getting more than just our product – you’re also getting our depth of knowledge. Explore our FAQ for installation and setup guidance, and reach out to our expert customer service specialists for personalized gardening support.