Depending on where you live, winter can be a scary time for your outdoor plants. Make sure you and your plants are ready for the cold when you learn how to prepare your automatic watering system for the winter months. Follow our guide here to make this process part of your seasonal routine!

1. Disengage It

Most of your plants likely won’t survive the winter outside, so you’ll want to disengage them from your HERBIE watering system and allow them to hibernate or go dormant in your basement, enclosed porch, or garage throughout your season’s cold temperatures.

2. Drain It

You want to drain the water out of your HERBIE system completely. No water should remain in the reservoir, tubing, valves, or plant trays. Dry it all out in the sun or with a towel to ensure no moisture remains behind.

3. Store It

After the water is out of the system and all of the parts have thoroughly dried, move the system indoors or into a basement, garage, or other dry areas for storage. Cover it to prevent dust and debris from contaminating or clogging the system.

Keeping Your Plants Alive

If you’re determined to keep your plants alive through the winter, you might want to bring your entire setup indoors. If you have room in your sunroom or heated patio, you can reposition your plants and watering system until the weather heats up again.

One important note here is that some plants will still go dormant in the winter – even if they’re inside. Consider swapping these out for plants that thrive inside to keep your home green all year round.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out for more guidance.