How I arrived at developing Artesian Systems

How I arrived at developing Artesian Systems

Personally, I have had too many gardens.  I always overdo it and they end up being more work than pleasure, and instead of being pleasing to look at they become an eyesore.

Not so with a patio garden.  A patio garden has a lot of advantages.  For one thing every time you look out the window or go out the door there it is.  You get to know your plants and their attendant bugs and birds on a more personal basis and are afforded a front row seat as they go through their seasonal performances.  Right off, you can see if your plants are thirsty and give them a drink, and since they are in containers you eliminate the biggest chore, weeds.  If you are fortunate to have a patio off the kitchen your garden can be a convenient source of herbs and greens.

So, I liked having a patio garden, but to be honest, it was still too much hassle for me.  Containers require frequent watering.  If you leave for the weekend your plants may not survive.  If you go on a vacation, you need to find someone to water for you.  Also, the containers can be a mess, as soil and water accumulate underneath them and attract bugs and snails.

My quest was for a no-brainer, hassle free system for growing plants on patios, decks, and balconies.  I tried drip – too complicated with too many parts, requires a nearby spigot with tubing running from the spigot to the containers.  Also, it was impossible to balance the varying needs of the containers with the emitters.  I tried “self-watering” containers – mostly junk, prone to root rot, and not self-watering.  I tried hydroponic – again, too complicated and messy for me, it generally requires power and is basically not well suited for growing plants on a patio.

With Artesian Systems I have eliminated the disadvantages of these other systems.  With Artesian Systems the containers are supported above the patio floor on a frame, water and soil do not drip from the bottom of the container, and each individual plant is watered according to its needs.  The only chore is to fill the reservoir.  I feel Artesian Systems is the best system for growing plants on a patio, deck, or balcony with minimal effort and so it is the featured product at Patio Growers.